Interior Design in Warren Barnes

An innovative, contemporary interior designer, Warren Barnett has been active in the design industry for over 35 years. His portfolio boasts of award-winning projects both inside and out. A recipient of the Los Angeles Times Reader’s Choice Contractor of the Year in 1992, he continues to hone his design style. His work is noted for being innovative, and distinctive. In fact, many of his clients have stated that they would not choose his services if they were not sure of how he would incorporate them into their spaces. Get more info here.

For starters, Barnett utilizes a blend of traditional and modern styling. His designs feature elements from traditional wood, metal, and textured wallpaper. However, he also brings in unconventional materials like concrete and brick to create interesting geometric patterns and shapes. This textured approach gives each space a unique feel and is quite eye-catching. For example, one space in his portfolio features a row of brick pavers running the width of a large space, which serves as a centerpiece for a flowery outdoor courtyard.

The space is peaceful and laid back with a stone fireplace and ornate interior features. Barnes creatively uses white and off-white contrasting colors to contrast against the brick and mortar. His attention to color choices makes this a fantastic space. It is perfect for a serene retreat.

Another space that is featured in the collections of Warren Barnes is his studio. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, his studio is designed to be luxurious with a view of the passing landscape. There are five guestrooms featuring marble flooring, wood furniture, and views of the green rolling hills. Each room showcases a different color scheme – from the light and airy nature of the guest bedroom to the rich golden color of the master’s bedroom. The lush greens of the garden are highlighted by the two-toned painted concrete walls.

Barnes designed an outdoor living space that contains a fire pit, pavilion, and a sofa. This space is surrounded by a trellis and benches. A portion of the outdoor space features a fire-breathing stone fireplace. This designer space provides a serene place to read while relaxing in the midst of nature.

The third space that is showcased in the books and collections of Warren Barnes is his design for a spa and day spa. This space is located on a hill overlooking a river. This tranquil environment includes a large tub, handcrafted stone walls, and hand-painted art. The walls of the space contain designs of spas inspired by Native American, Chinese, and Japanese culture.

The fourth space is a recreation room and office combined. This designer haven offers an entertainment center complete with a massive television and a game room complete with an L-shaped table. Other features include a bar with seating and a wine cellar complete with a refrigerator and a wine rack. This spacious space is perfect for hosting private dinners or parties.

Warren Barnes has created a space that allows the user to escape the everyday grind. Each design is inspired by natural materials and the author encourages people to use their imagination when designing their spaces. Barnes also offers tons of advice on his website including how to choose the right furniture, lighting, and wall color. He offers full step-by-step instructions and a gallery of photos for each design.

Warren’s latest creation is called Habitat Designs. This designer haven incorporates recycled material into over 30 unique design elements. Some of the spaces include a loft apartment, sunroom, boat loft, and outdoor kitchen.

The last piece of furniture to look at is the Bedroom Collection by Warren Barnes. This ensemble was designed for a couple who shared a love of antiques and sought a romantic space where they could exchange wedding vows. The spaces combine conventional styling with rustic antiques to create a charming retreat perfect for a couple’s honeymoon. These spaces incorporate a bed, love seat, canopy, and mirror – all within a traditional-styled cottage style.

The most important element to any interior design is choosing just the right color palette and theme. Warren Barnes offers many color schemes and theme options for his clients. If you have a passion for art – or for a particular era – he can create a space based on it. Barnes has even created spaces that are perfect for families. Whatever you envision as the centerpiece of your space, Warren Barnes can create a designer haven that speaks to you and your personal taste.