Potential for Doocing

The Sludge Strikes Again.

by heirtoblair on June 17, 2012

He looks totally healthy here but our Hibby is a pretty sick little boy right now.  Just that blasted daycare “sludge” because it’s something far, far greater than snot. Snot does not do this justice. & then it gets into his throat & lungs & his little voice is so raspy when he asks me […]


Sure, I think I can go in here.

by heirtoblair on May 17, 2012

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to another installment of PUBLIC BATHROOM TOURS! These are just so riveting. Except not. So first we had the really amazing bathrooms at my former place of employment where you couldn’t see people’s feet & therefore not be able to properly detect who had the asparagus or coffee pee that morning.  […]


I’m one week into my new gig & really enjoying it.  The work feels very intuitive, so it’s challenging but coming naturally.  Not to mention that wearing jeans to the office & having M&Ms in the breakroom really helps, although I’ve been taking daily walks on the trails to get some sunshine & burn some calories.  […]


Lessons of Three Months Time.

by heirtoblair on April 23, 2012

This kid, he bear-hug loves his momma. & his momma loves him back. I came alive as Harrison’s mother over the past few months.  The doubts & lack of confidence & inability to focus simply shed away & I’m not sure whether it was from the sunshine in the backyard or being the boss of my […]


Moving back to the homestead.

by heirtoblair on April 18, 2012

Starting Monday, I will be living at my parent’s house during the weekdays.  My new job (so freaking excited & nervous!) is even further from our for-the-love-of-God-please-sell-already house, which means that Harrison & I would need to leave the house by 6:30am to begin a roughly 2-hour commute including daycare drop-off. That ain’t happening.  My […]