Life in General

Santa came with love this year, quietly unpacking with whispers & a moment of collapsing on the couch to stare at the tree. By the fireplace laid Harrison’s coveted “carries cars monsters trucks”, aka a car carrier with monster trucks. He’s been asking for it for months, spending minutes & hours staring in the Target […]


  Yesterday Harrison & I strung lights through the bushes & trees, but only after I helped him climb the tree. He thinks it is beautiful. Looks like he’s on his dad’s side of colored lights being superior. Today we made Christmas cookies. I remember my mother combining flour & sugar & rolling out the […]


When fifteen years are the blink of an eye.

by Beth Anne on December 17, 2013

Last Friday night, I drove by the local high school and saw the floodlights on full, drenching the football field in harsh light. Windows open & my ponytail brushing against my cheek, I remembered back when I stood on the track with pompoms and hundreds of eyes on me. Where all that I held important […]


I sat at my desk, cursing the client that would walk through the door in 10 minutes. The paperwork piled on my desk, waiting for approval signatures. With a sigh, I gathered my heavy black portfolio, sales brochures, & gave one last once-over in the mirror. Pink sweater, black pencil skirt, tights, heels. Pearls & […]


Marley-ish & me.

by Beth Anne on December 9, 2013

It’s winter-cold in North Carolina & while it feels like a heat-wave to our northern neighbors, we’re wearing wool coats & gloves & watching for black ice on the bridges. The constant drizzle of rain makes it feel even more cold, the damp that gets down under my skin until all I can think about […]