Friday Dump

Pink ombre over my brain which does the dumping.

by heirtoblair on February 24, 2012

Hi! I’m in Nashville at the Blissdom conference all thanks to Oreck. I told my hairdresser to go a little crazy this time.  I think she doesn’t trust that I can handle it, so when I said “I don’t know, throw in some feathers or pink streaks” & she switched my wine to champagne & […]


Starbucks is crazy on a Friday morning.  I went there to work an hour or two & I thankfully snagged the last seat in the house.  Also?  Weird conversations including a couple of dance moms getting all butt-hurt about recitals.  Or maybe they were volleyball moms.  I couldn’t quite catch the entire conversation, other than […]


I think I’m just dealing really well.

by heirtoblair on February 10, 2012

We have a “second showing” tomorrow, so I went to the Catholic store & bought a St. Joseph.  So I’m standing at the cashier & the sales guy says, “Do you like our crucifixes?” & I’m all, “Yes, they remind me of my childhood.”  He totally does a double-take & I’m half-tempted to make some […]


I’m late with this, which is kind of lame except we have had a ton of house showings this week, which means Harry & I keep getting (willingly) kicked out of the house at odd moments.  I need to start blogging on my iPad.  Anyone know of a good app for that? He sleeps!  The […]


I need another cup of coffee. I think we just entered the Thomas the Train era of toddlerhood.  Every morning, Harrison gets to watch an episode of Curious George but today, he saw Thomas on Netflix & was all “CHOO CHOO!  CHOOOOO!”  Hold me closer, Tony Danza. This is darling for Blissdom business cards: Source: […]