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The Beauty of Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Nail Wraps

I am so happy with my Jamberry Nail Wraps that I have to write about them.

There are always people that want to find a number of different ways to really make their style known, whether it be through their hairstyle and makeup, the clothing that they wear or the accessories that they use. Jamberry Nail Wraps are the latest way to really bring your style to a whole new level without you even having to put a lot of work into it. These are basically nail wraps that look almost like a sheet of stickers and they are easy to apply. Once you have them on, you will also see that they will be very long lasting and well worth the investment.

One of the wonderful things about Jamberry is that you can apply the nail wraps by yourself if you do not have anyone that will put them on for you. The instructions are very easy to follow and after just a simple read through, you will be able to have them applied and enjoying them. To make it even better, all of these designs are amazing and you are sure to get quite a few compliment and questions from anyone who sees them on your fingers or your toes.

Maybe you are worried that you have nails that are either too big or too small for the Jamberry application. The good thing about these wraps is that you can adjust the size and trim down a larger size to fit smaller nails and so on. Just by using your scissors, you can get the nails to just the perfect size. If you need a size that is a bit bigger than what you have, you may also be able to stretch the wrap just enough after you heat it up with the heater. Once the wraps are warm, they become quite pliable and easy to mold to your nail.

Once you have the nails fully applied, you can go about your daily activities, even being able to go swimming while you have them on. The adhesive that is on the underside of the nail wraps are both heat and pressure sensitive. This means that during the application process a waterproof seal is created that will help to keep the wrap in place for a long period of time. When you take a look at all of the different styles, colors and patterns that are available with Jamberry Nail Wraps, you will see that there are perfect options to suit your tastes, various upcoming holidays and any events that you may have on your calendar.

Do you like the idea of being able to become your own boss? If so, you can look into becoming a Jamberry Nails Consultant. These are individuals who will learn about the products and the application and removal process, then sell them to other customers just like yourself. This is a nice way that you can either earn supplemental income or start to build up your own business simply by selling a product that you enjoy using and you believe in.

As a side note if you are looking to purchase these nail wraps I purchase mine from and recommend Joy Vertz of Joyful Nail Art.

How to Treat Dry Mouth During Pregnancy

dry mouth during pregnancyDry mouth during pregnancy is in reality quite a common symptom but is rarely a cause for complaint by expecting mom’s when compared to the other, more uncomfortable symptoms. However, this does not mean that it isn’t important to treat the condition. In fact, dental studies show that dry mouth (called xerostomia) causes increased incidence of gum disease, cavities and other oral health conditions which have been associated with premature birth.

The main reason for this is that the lack of saliva in the mouth prevents food residue from effectively being washed away. This in turn causes a greater production of plaque which is the primary cause of oral health problems. High acidity from vomiting during pregnancy can exacerbate the condition.

So what can be done about alleviating this uncomfortable and hazardous oral pregnancy symptom. These hints and tips may help.

  1. Drink More Water

During pregnancy, your liquid intake requirements are increased. Generally, a minimum of 8 glasses a day is recommended, including your regular intake of liquid contained in fruit, vegetables and other food sources. It is advisable to avoid fruit juices (acidic) or sugary drinks that can increase the risk of contracting any oral health disease.

Keep a water bottle close at hand so that you can constantly sip. Sipping will allow the water to perform the rinsing job that your saliva would normally be responsible. It will also help alleviate dry mouth during pregnancy. Sucking on ice chips can also be beneficial.

  1. Mouth Wash

Rinsing your mouth out regularly with mouth wash can help reduce the risk of oral diseases and alleviate dry mouth symptoms. It is especially important to use mouth wash before brushing if you have been vomiting.

Women who experience ‘morning sickness’ regularly or all day long are at high risk for eroding the enamel on their teeth through the increase in acid which is also a cause of dry mouth. It is important not to brush teeth directly after vomiting, rather rinse and wait a few minutes for the acid to dissipate.

Make sure that the mouth wash is alcohol free and doesn’t contain any additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors that could be harmful to baby. Check the label to ensure safety of use during pregnancy and always follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Chew Gum

Much like placing a pebble in your mouth in the dessert, chewing gum can stimulate saliva production. However, it is once again important to choose gums that don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Remember to opt for a sugar-free alternative that is healthier for your teeth.

Don’t chew the gum too often or constantly. This could stimulate excess acid production in the stomach leading to more uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms such as heart burn or increased nausea and vomiting.

If you are unsure which mouth wash or gum is most suitable, ask your dentist or doctor for their recommendation. Remember that good oral health is essential not only in alleviating the symptoms of dry mouth but also for good general health during pregnancy.