Keeping cool, baby.

by heirtoblair on July 9, 2012

DSC 0022 200x300 Keeping cool, baby.

Here in the South, we know about hot summers. I remember one day when it was 104 degrees in the shade with 90% humidity, & if you think that kind of humidity can’t happen without rain, think again. To put a positive spin on it, I like to think that the South is simply God’s personal sauna, & everyone loves a sauna, right? Right?!
I got lucky with a fall/winter baby that meant fluffy blankets & cozy sleepers & easy baby-wearing. Plus, he was my firstborn & I didn’t have to worry about exposing him to the elements with the exception of the 10 yards from the house to the warm car. Who has two thumbs & all the luck? This girl.
(HA! We all know that’s not true.)
When summer 2010 rolled around, Harrison was mobile on his knees & the heat was climbing & I spent many spare moments devising ways to keep him cool & comfy. The easiest way was to toss out all the fussy outfits & keep him in light cotton onesies. They’re cute, they’re appropriate, and pants are so 1900s. Also, so much faster for diaper changes! If his knees started to get skinned, I put little baby leg warmers on him. I loved this get-up so much that when I went through the clothes he’d grown out of so I could decide what to store for our next baby, I tossed almost everything but onesies.
We also set up a gazebo-type tent over our back deck to put his little splash pool under. It kept the sun off him so he could stay out longer, & it kept him & his nanny/me/daddy cool while we supervised! This thing is pulled out every year now. Right now it’s covering his pool, splash table, sandbox, etc. We are hardcore about protecting our very Irish skin.
Lastly, we spent several weekends down on the coast since we’re so lucky to be only 3 hours from the beach. The breeze always feels so good, & with a body of water always nearby, it’s the best way to beat the heat with a kiddo in the summer.

What are your stay-cool tips for your tiny people in the summer?

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Ali @thecoffeeqween July 9, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Gotta love being driving distance from the beach!! We are 2 hours away from a million beaches. We just ditched 100 degree weather Saturday for lovely 70 degrees at Santa Barbara! My parents have a very nice swimming pool so we are always over there during the summer. Here in central Cali we get super hot but it’s a dry heat- me and my hair can’t handle the humidity of the south!! Lol


Lena July 10, 2012 at 11:42 am

I love being 2 hours from the coast! So nice to ditch the hot (un-airconditioned) house for a few days at my parents house on the coast.


olive July 10, 2012 at 12:55 pm

Good one!
Definitely with you on the onesies. I had a July baby. Onesies all the way. So sad that he has outgrown them just now.
HOT HOT HOT. Spray bottles are a must. Fine mist keeps baby and momma cool on the porch. He absolutely loved playing in a bowl of cold water with random “toys” (kitchen gadgets! lol). Still does! He’s almost 2 this summer. Bucket of water is still a winner. He’s not so keen on getting in his pool. We enjoy afternoons on the thankfully shady porch with icy drinks, bucket of water and ice with assorted cups, spoons, toys…Lovely. Porch swing is also endless entertainment.


Becky @ From Ministry to Motherhood July 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm

We are lucky enough to live a 5 minute walk away from a lovely stretch of sandy beach. Our neighborhood used to be a cottage community but has since evolved into a subdivision and I’m so pleased as we can now live here. We often walk down by the lake and dip our feet in if it’s hot. X. and I go and play on the shore in the sand and then run in to cool down.

As nice as the beach my son’s favorite way to stay cool is to run through our neighbor’s sprinkler any time it’s on!


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