Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yes, Virginia.

by heirtoblair on December 20, 2011

In our home, the tale of Santa is not a lie. It is magic & make-believe & hope, all the things we wish to instill in our child.  Wide-eyes at twinkling lights & soft stockings hung on the mantle & cookies on a plate.  Santa is purity of heart, goodness prevailing.  The belief in Santa […]


Wee Tree

by heirtoblair on December 20, 2011

I grew up with a lot of Christmas trees.  There was the big one, of course.  Then the pencil tree in the hall with the angel ornaments.  Then the one in the playroom with the handmade school ornaments.  & each kid had a miniature tree for our bedrooms, complete with little lights & little tree […]