Friday, September 12, 2008

A note on BBT’s.

by heirtoblair on September 12, 2008

So the other night before going to bed, I religiously take 2 sips of bedtime water, set my alarm to 6am, and double-check that my BBT is within barely-awake arm’s reach away. Doug looks over at my nighttime ritual & asks, “BA, where do you take your temperature?” BA: ::blank stare:: “Errrrr….exactly where do you [...]


OMG. This chick has Ashleigh Griffen’s wedding dress. I used to read these books called “Thoroughbred” growing up & when the main character got married, they described her dress as having pink roses embroidered at the bottom of the skirt and on the bust. I used to spend hours sketching what I thought her dress [...]

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